Last week i was amused with a drinking challenge, with one shot for each time that “2.0” was spoken. While the other challengers were all geeks, i suddenly realized that we have to let go of this naming. And web designers are also starting to get fed up, as pointed out by Elliot Jay.

Presentation at FOWD

Sure we have a problem, but is anyone trying to figure out a solution ? My 2 cents would be to to look at the edges to find new paths to creativity. Art, interactive installations, local events or underground culture seem to be the most promising exit strategy to this 2.0 thing.

With everyone doing and looking the same, the web is starting to look kind of dull. And before you start rumbling, i know this site’s design is all about the 2.0 trend, but i’ve been working on a new template, avoiding rounded corners or gradients.

4 thoughts on “Destroy The 2.0

  1. I love the part where he shows top designers’ websites and none of them use these clichés.

    I strongly believe the new iteration of the web will focus a whole lot more in typography. The real deal, not just blow up the size and use rounded fonts.

    I base this belief on the fact that browsers are already starting to support @font-face… webkit, so far, but others _should_ follow.

    Cheers on posting this presentation. If I could, I would hand-feed it to every (web)designer I know. 😉

  2. I just hope we don’t see a new “different is cool” trend like we did back in 1999/2000 where those flash sites with inexistent navigation where kings of cool, but this time using ajax :.

    About your new template, rounded corners and gradients are ok, it’s not like they where born with the 2.0 thing, they’ve been around fora long time, now reflections is another business… seriously, it makes me gag….

  3. @Andre
    Great web designers are rarely copycats. They usually define the new trends themselves.
    On typography, i believe the issue is less about the technologies but more about the concepts and messages expressed by new designs.

    I’m sure that educated designers will avoid the web 1.0 look. The web is still too young to have a retro comeback, although i’m a sucker for the acid look (check

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