Sapo Online Advertising Awards 2007

Yesterday i was at the 2007 edition of the main online advertising awards ceremony in Portugal, Premios Sapo, presented by an inspired Manuel João Vieira at the legendary Cabaret Maxim.

Sapo Online Advertising Awards

For a change, web agency Fullsix had some serious competition, perhaps a sign that the online industry is picking up speed, with promising growth rates next year.

Among the entries — let me know if you don’t understand Portuguese, and i’ll try to explain them — the 2007 winners are:

Among the remaining categories, there was a laughable one for “Best sponsored blog”, with entries that Portuguese blogosphere has never heard of. Or as i use to say: “Brands looking at their own bellies”. The best digital agency award was given to WayNext, that created some solid works this year.

The space was really crowded, but with the lovely company of Silvia and free drinks i’ve even managed to stay until the end. As usual we didn’t submit any work (a company policy regarding national awards), but i’m sure if the Sporting campaign was submitted it would be a clear winner.

Oh, and i finally had the chance to congratulate Celso for their event, SapoCodebits. That’s something definitely more interesting than these Awards.

On the web awards subject, Zeldman has just nailed it:

The winning sites look fabulous as screen shots in glossy design annuals. When the winners become judges, they reward work like their own. Thus sites that behave like TV and look good between covers continue to be created, and a generation of clients and art directors thinks that stuff is the cream of web design.

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  1. @Nuno: there was no viral category.
    @Celso: thanks. keep subscribing that i’ll keep the posts coming

    @S.: And yet, she reads me.

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