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This month i became a fan of two great brands: Miro and Mixx.
Miro is the free, open source internet tv player, formerly known as Democracy Player, and hell yeah, way better than Joost.


What’s most remarkable is that my average daily tv consumption dropped from 1 hour a day to practically nothing after having installed Miro. Now i’m addicted to internet tv channels such as Ze Frank show, Wired Science, Ted Talks or UbuWeb, besides my YouTube subscriptions.
If you already use Miro, let me know of you favorite channels.

With features like instant video search for major online video websites, lots of HD channels, access to independent media and support for BitTorrent, Miro has become the iTunes of video.


Mixx is Digg done right. With a beautiful web design, the whole service just feels nice. You have your own mixx, with selected tags appearing upfront, and best of all, a twitter-like feature so we can follow other users.
When you bookmark, you can set to multiple tags (unlike digg) and define a location. This way, anyone an subscribe to either topic or location, a great way to get niche updates.

The unique selling proposition for Mixx is the opportunity to filter those digg spammers and subscribe only to users or topics that actually deliver great content.

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It’s kind of peculiar to notice that these two brands make extensive use of the colors red and orange. Perhaps the next magenta and cyan for the web have just been found.