Support No!Spec. Or at least, think about it.


We, the undersigned, are against speculative work and presentations for the following reasons:

Spec work does not guarantee compensation for the designer or an appropriate solution for the client. It is an unprofessional practice because it takes away from a designerÂ’s time and billable projects.

The very nature of spec work virtually ensures that clients will not get well-researched or executed solutions.

Spec work does not contribute to the overall image or branding of a client because it is often sought out for one-off pieces – it actually serves to dilute the brand, which can be extremely harmful to the client.

In addition, spec work devalues the communication design profession. It reduces communication design to a commodity, rather than to a specialized service.

One thought on “No!Spec

  1. That’s nice, but tell me, how many designers do you know that work without a spec ? Actually, they want their work facilitated in every aspect.

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