New York Times reference search

In one of those “duhh” moments, i became aware of a new feature on the New York Times. It happened while reading the priceless piece about Radiohead, and incidentally double-clicking a word. Surprise, surprise, a new window opened with a reference search on the highlighted word.

New York Times reference search

The feature is powered by, although i’d love to see a Wikipedia powered one (perhaps with a Greasemonkey script ?).

In web design, it’s a best practice to gracefully conceal power-user features, and this one is a really useful life hack, specially if you’re used to Firefox’s context menu search. Take note of this simple and effective idea, and if your site has specialized or dense content you can use it as a cross-reference shortcut to provide enhanced interactivity and semantic help.

3 thoughts on “New York Times reference search

  1. @Dinis
    Shame on them !
    But as i said, it’s mostly to power users, the kind of people who use Firefox 🙂

  2. Man, I wish I could disable this annoying crap. And yes, I am part of the Firefox elite saying that!

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