Another holiday season, another roundup of creative e-cards and online efforts.
Last year, it was OfficeMax that made the buzz with ElfYourself, back again this year with the new version of Scrooge yourself. Sounds a bit awkward, doesn’t it?

Perhaps not more than our bittersweet look when accepting that really ugly gift from a relative. No worries. You can comfort yourself this year at the Bad Gift Emporium, a place to share that un-special something that you couldn’t refuse.

Bad Gift Emporium

Check also the one from JWT and help to free Albert and his tongue that got frozen on a post. Or for something more cheerful, have a Dynamite Christmas with the Frost Family, and their tale of the Fourteen Christmas ringers (tip by Hugo).

Christmas Dynamite

A lot of charity going on with Snowglobe Boy by McKiney,
or the snowflakes helping the American Society for Cancer by Digitas Health. But the one that really got my attention was the one from Glue, with Lets Go to Lapland, sponsoring a live bike ride to Lapland, with worker’s doing the pedaling and raising funds to the Salvation Army.
Lets Go To Lapland

For more live action, see also the Christmas greetings from All Known Questions Answered, with 2 hamsters powering the holiday lighting with wheel power.
Akqa Happy Christmas
How about that for a environmentally polite e-card? You can do more with these e-cards than to save some trees, like growing you own virtual tree, thanks to Wieden Kennedy London.

And last, my personal favorite from R/GA with some wicked Santa tatoos. Go on, get one of these !
R/GA Tatoo Santa

If you know of any more great holiday e-cards, please drop a link in the comments.


  1. Red Christmas by Thought (source: AdRants)
  2. A desktop widget by Google
  3. Tree planting from Nobox
  4. Sing-o-Mat by Feuer
  5. Christmas World from Coca-Cola Poland
  6. A Halo 3 Holiday, by IPG Lab

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