I’ve just twittered this one a few minutes ago, but it started to grow on me to deserve a full post.

With music being listened on MP3 portable devices and computers, much of the branding and packaging is lost. The chances to studios and artists to have a conversation with consumers are shifting from physical to digital (except for hard-core vinyl junkies). So what’s an artist to do?

Lupe Fiasco blog

Well, Mr extraordinary Lupe Fiasco did a “Cool” thing on his new album, using the last few seconds of “Fighters” to announce his blog at A excellent way to extend the album experience and stick a URL into a fan’s mind. As long it’s done with a selected track – preferably at the end -and not as a merchandising gimmick, people will notice.

For me, this was a first. Do you know of more artists promoting their URLs in innovative ways?
(That is, besides the Nine Inch Nails ARG campaign).