The Internet is NOW truly mobile

4 thoughts on “The Internet is NOW truly mobile

  1. I don’t have the exact figures (i’ve seen them elsewhere) but i’m pretty sure that we have more mobile phones than computers. Specially if you consider emerging markets.

    Perhaps that will change, as laptops become more affordable, but mobile as digital platform is a enabler for communication.

  2. I’m sure your right if you add emerging markets. Europe is obviously ahead of the US in that vein.

    Actually I should tell you about a client of mine that’s sort of doing what you’re calling for. It’s FirebrandTV. (

    It’s also on cable on the ION network and available on itunes.

    Basically they give you the worlds best commercials. Sort of like MTV. Sure that may seem weird, but I check it out a couple times a day for the entertainment value. They’re funny, amazing, and well done. Some really cool stuff. Some classics too.

    The company is backed by Microsoft and NBC Universal. Next week, they’re launching “The Road to Firebrand Monday” with a bunch of Super Bowl type ads. It’s all downloadable. Then on Monday, February 4, they’ll be showing the previous day’s ad and have guest VJ’s. I may get my hands on a viral video for it. If I do, I’ll let you know.


  3. Just found some numbers, the latest
    Nokia Q4 2007 net sales.

    And Eric Schmidt and other important folks agree with me :).

    Schmidt also argued that mobile devices are potentially more interesting than PCs, since they have or will have GPS and other features that will allow for new kinds of applications, as well as location-based advertising

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