From the folks who did Wilkinson’s Fight For Kisses – JWT, Wanda and grouek – there’s a new site for Nestle: Kit Kat, Ultimate Break (“Break Ultime”, en français).

Break Ultime

The integrated campaign picks the best of the viral from Wilkinson (i guess the previous success is paying off), and adds outdoor and more great awards. Even a space voyage if you register at the game site and find the promo codes.

Nestle Game France

Nestle is also asking consumers to share a video of their ultimate break. It seems though that they’re not having any luck, since there’s only the campaign commercial in the gallery.

Click to Play

If i had the time (which reminds me of my need for a true break) or the interest, i could dream of my teleportation to Namtso, the holy lake in Tibet. Oh, i wish it was that simple as eating a candy …