Coke Zero Game: The Making-Of

Update (06/03/08) : The international version is now live at

North Kingdom is getting ready for more awards (after FWA Site Of The Year with Get The Glass). Robert Lindström unveiled the work they’re doing for Coke Germany a few days ago, and we now have access to another making-of, this time for Coke Zero Game.

Coke Zero advergame

In 2 big posts, Robert gives us a sneak peek at the whole creative process, from storyboards to the latest draft, with a special demo site documenting the advergame concept and execution.




I greatly admire those (1) who share their creative process in similar ways North Kingdom is doing, as it inspires young creatives to improve their skills and practices, learning from the masters. This kind of attitude is another great difference between traditional agencies and digital agencies. Kudos to Robert and crew.

(1) Fantasy Interactive has also a nice video about the creative process on the Porsche Cayenne site.