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The hell with planning, account meetings and business smalltalk. What we really need is some fast decisions to pick the latest buzz and deliver some great advertising on top of it.

Imagine the power of Axe


  • Client: Axe
  • Agency: BBH, London
  • Country:USA

After the latest TCM post, now I found this one by Axe.
And don’t forget last year’s most successful direct sales campaign, about Julien Lopetegui, a Spanish football star who fainted during a TV news broadcast. Banco Gallego and agency Shackleton picked the story and a few days later a print campaign was out, inviting consumers to visit (offline) and find out why Lopetegui had fainted.

Agencies and marketeers are having a hard time keeping up with the speed of information, but those who are fortunate enough to tune their messages to consumer’s buzz have a better chance of being listened.

Source: The Planning Lab