Things have been quite busy lately here at the office (besides the moving and remodeling works). One of the things that lowered my usual rate of shared inspirations is Chevrolet Tattoo, a tactical website developed in the last month.

Last year i spent my reasonable share of time showcasing Papervision. Unfortunately, no suitable project or briefing came that was adequate to apply the framework. As you shouldn’t t use a new technology just because it’s there, the right amount of relevance to use Papervision came with a campaign for Matiz Tattoo.

Chevrolet Tattoo

The main objective was to showcase a catalog of vehicles, with 15 available patterns. With few resources available, the idea came: what if we used Papervision3D and allowed users to customize their own model online?

So, there you have it, my perfect excuse to use the Flash 3d framework on a online campaign (in Portuguese only):

Chevrolet Tattoo Papervision3D

Have fun and create your own Tattoo (Cria a tua Tatoo).

Client: Chevrolet Portugal (GM)
Agency: Draftfcb Portugal
Interactive Team: Armando Alves, Bruno Duarte, Hugo Cervantes and Luis Castro.

3 thoughts on “Chevrolet Tattoo

  1. Bem, a meu ver o modelo 3D esta pobre e a ideia parece-me fortemente inspirada no trabalho do Den Ivanov para o site Brahma Bus 🙂

    Talvez seja suficientemente apelativo para o consumidor. Mas penso que nao oferece o suficiente para convidar a uma segunda visita.

    So uma nota:
    Tendo em conta que e’ um site para um target abrangente, nao seria bom ter uma pagina de “No-plugin”, visto que e’ necessario ter o Flash Player 9? 🙂
    Algo como:

    De qualquer forma, esta um site engracado. Keep up the good work! 😉

  2. Hi Andre.
    As i said, the 3d model has low quality since we had almost no resources: photography, model, and most of all time. And yes, it was inspired by Ivanov’s Brahma work. Why reinvent the wheel?

    About you No Plugin suggestion, i guess you just can’t do 3d without a plugin, right?

    Any way it was a fun project done on a small budget and in record time. I’ll keep in mind the no plugin for other works such as this:

    Oh, and congrats on your new job, bloke.

  3. Well, you just said you had few resources available, but looking at what you did, it seems you could’ve done better. Maybe it was just a time issue. 🙂

    Regarding the inspiration, I guess it’s ok, since most of the site’s users won’t know about Brahma Bus.
    And it’s obvious you weren’t aiming for ubber originality.

    I think you misunderstood my “No plugin” remark.
    I was just saying that you should have a landing page for those without flash player 9, not an HTML version, that would be overkill 🙂


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