Absolute Quartet + Absolut Machines

After a levitating a light bulb, Jeff Lieberman teams up with Dan Paluska to conjure another digital beauty, with their Absolute Quartet robotic music machine, with a companion website at

Check the video for a ball launching, internet connected, melody maker, robotic composer, operated by you and three robots.

Doesn’t it reminds you of Bjork?

The musical installation is on display at New York, but if you want to experience more musical wackiness, then head to the website sponsored by Absolute, with one big question in mind: “In a absolut world, would machines be creative?”

Absolut Machines

Besides Absolut Quartet, you can also interact with Absolut Choir, where 22 choir members react to the words you type, with your “joint performance” submitted by email. The installation is on display at Stockholm.


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