New stuff with Papervision3d (now with glasses)

Just two links i (1) would like to share with you.

The first is a website done by Trevor Harman, and it features a cool concept: What would you do with that extra day every four years.

Project Leap Year

it’s Project leap year so go out there and say what you’d do with an extra 24 hours.

For the second link i’d advise you to get some 3D glasses and if you are a flash developer with a special taste for Papervision you have the source included.

BenÂ’s Papervision 3D glasses project

It’s done by Ben Stucki a Flex Consultant you can read more in his blog and get the source for the project there too .

This is a guest post by Hugo Matinho, our new Flash Developer at Draftfcb Portugal. You can check his blog or follow him on Twitter.