Several online campaigns have been around in the last few months that used sensorial immersive experiences worth of notice.
In this blog, you’ve seen the ones by Porsche and Arcade Fire, and now 2 more, hand picked from partner blog, to sharpen your senses:

* UPDATE (17/03/08): apparently DoTheTest is a ripoff, with no credit given to original author.

Do the test

A witty mind hack and web sensorial campaign by Transport for London, aiming to reduce the number of cyclists that are hurt on London’s roads.
According to the campaign press release, researchers at Harvard University played this trick on some unsuspecting people and over 50 per cent failed to spot the change. This selective blindness is possibly the reason why motorists collide with cyclists.

Check also another video piece from Transport for London, that also plays on mind hacks.

Red Cross Hørselstest

This one is creating quite a buzz (pun intended), but you’ll need to have headphones to fully experience it.

Red Cross

Come on, give it a try. And listen carefully.
It’s more important than you might think.

2 thoughts on “Web sensorial campaigns

  1. Estas campanhas são excelentes. O nível de atenção necessário é superior ao normal mas o nível de interesse também por isso o resultado é ficarmos “addicted” durantes aqueles minutos.

    Muito interesante.

  2. Nice thing about these examples is that they keep the viewers attention until the end. Powerfull!

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