Being swamped with work in the past week, blogging frequency was tuned down. A lot of inspirations passed by and feeds piled up to 1000+, but i couldn’t help to share these precious gems:

  • Search is In Da HouZe!

    – and you though that SEM and SEO were lame !

    Youtube link

    Wait, there’s more. Now with some Social Media Hip Hop:

    (source: Fallon Planning)

  • The urbanista diaries

    Nokia partnered with Google on their Urbanista Diaries moBloggging experience.
    Nokia Urbanista Diaries
    Source: Cpluv

  • Mystical swords, now live and loud.

    Source: Cati Vaucelle
  • This guy probably shaped your taste in music, 17 years ago

    Nevermind project

    Visit The Land Salmon blog to find out who he is or check the photographer’s website.

  • Some agencies really get the web ! Check out what Modernista did with Faacebook, Wikipedia and other essential websites for their new internet presence.
  • Social network addicts: Compete shows the numbers
    Facebook addicts
    Favorite quote: “MySpace addicts are somewhat vain”.
  • Bjork’s Wanderlust 3d video premieres today on Yahoo. Meanwhile, have a look at a 2D Preview:
  • Last, a big idea from tech companies: Using TV analogic spectrum to provide free wifi. I wonder what ISPs and mobile operators have to say about it ?

Enjoy these collected weekly inspirations.