Part of The Weekend Never Dies

Time for a music post, right before a weekend break.

The Belgian electronic duo David and Stephen Dewaele, aka magnificent Soulwax, premiered their documentary “Part of the Weekend Never Dies” at the Royal Festival Hall yesterday.

Part of The Weekend Never Dies Soulwax documentary

They filmed 120 shows with footage of 2manydj’s, Tiga, Justice, So-Me, Peaches, Kitsuné, Klaxons and tons of other artists. Check the trailers

Radio Soulwax – Part of the Weekend never Dies – Are You Filming

and enjoy the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Part of The Weekend Never Dies

  1. Wow, I can’t wait to see this, after seeing Soulwax as a band and sets by 2 many djs I can say that both were outstanding physical and emotional experiences!

  2. Most importantly: the movie will be shown in Lisbon next week, May 8, at S. Jorge. There’s also a Soulwax gig on the same night at Lux.

    Tickets are 25 euros for both the movie and gig 🙂

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