A free Actionscript 3 book, opensourced

Thibault Imbert is a System Engineer at Adobe France, with several years developing in the Flash platform with a personal playground at, and side projects at WiiFlash or AlivePDF.

Pratique dÂ’ActionScript 3

Last year, he wrote a book on Actionscript 3, and just when all was set to publish, the whole process went void(0). So what’s a writer to do? Well, of course, in the best spirit of Flash community: let’s opensource-it !

Pratique dÂ’ActionScript 3

Thibault has now released the full Actionscript book, “Pratique dÂ’ActionScript 3”, in PDF for download. FREE. Not as in beer, but it gets close.
Be a good sport and remind to hit that Paypal button. I donated a cheap 5€, the least i could do considering all the hard work Thibault had. And it’s a fine way to refresh my French skills.

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