OFFF Lisbon 2008, day 1

Hello everyone. It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, but back from vacations (and a bit sick) I’m ready for the full 3 days at OFFF Lisbon 2008, live blogging and twittering.

OFFF Lisbon 2008 - day 1, morning, outside

Loads of people outside (an estimate of around 2000). Collecting their tickets, getting a sun tan and drinking beer. I’ll need to do an errand, but i’ve been told the doors are already opening.
TheKDU is showcasing their works.
Just found out that some conferences are being broadcasted at
. For those abroad, Sapo is a xtra cool portuguese portal, and i’ve met with some of their team here at the event.
Dino dos Santos, one of Portugal’s most famous type designers, talking (in English) about the process and themes that inspire him.
Late lunch and more errands, after watching Eric Natzke (North kingdom cancelled their talk).

Now watching Trafik and their several interactive projects.
OFFF Lisbon 2008 - day 1, afternoon, Rooms
19:00 – 22:00
Last but not the least, the all exciting Joshua Davis, with his humorous talk, inviting everyone to get naked. The day wrapped with the work of PsyOp (and a wonderful making-of their latest commercial for Absolut). See ya tomorrow.

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