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50Done & friends is presenting. For those who don’t know yet 50Done & friends is a project of Rui Vieira ( currently Creative Director at Fullsix Portugal) to do out of the box projects in the areas of digital creation and communication they work with real clients but in a diferent way of communication. Rui presents the Body and Soul, a project for Nokia that showcases beautiful models (one component shows the body , the other a more emotional soul) .
Ingrediente X – A motion design showcase.
Carlos Matias – Dialectica shows his creative work applied on t-shirts and shoes, and some of the illustrations shown here at the venue.
Dialectica by Carlos Matias

Pedro Pinto, a 3d motion designer at Fullsix with some sample work.
Karlssonwilker with a weird piece: a spoken portfolio, on audio tape.


Regine is on stage, sharing how We-Make.-oney-Not-Art evolved and reflecting on emerging art and the relation with technology. Right next to her, Andy Cameron, now creative director at Fabrica, talking about his work and what interactive media means. They both hate Second Life, and finish their talk with a discussion on the challenges of nem media art.

Hellokimori OFFF
Hellokimori is now on stage.

A great panel on information visualization. Quite more useful than the usual showcase that we’ve seen today.
FakePilot rolling his impressive ground of work. Feels a lot like Chris Cunningham.
Now a Interaction Deigin Panel, starting with the folks from naninka. Beats me why the organization decided to this “panels” when no interaction with the audience kicks in. Surprised to find out that Nanika was involved in the BBC radio (below).

20:00 -21:00
After some astonishing works by Alex Trochut, we’re ending with Hi-Res.

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