Olá ! (hello in Portuguese). We’re all set for the last day and it’s been great.
Check this flickr set from Pedro Sousa to get a feeling.

Entering the afternoon with several directors from Boolab, a motion studio, and an almost oficial partner of Psyop.
Adobe misses their talk. Missing evangelizing opportunities like this one brings no good karma. Chris, of Crashmedia, Canada, is filling their shoes.
Shai by Agence7seven
Oh great, porn ! The Shai project, with compliments by Agence7seven.
Onesize, Gmunk and Minivegas answer how creativity and technology shape motion graphics. Minivegas showed a impressive software to create generative station ID’s, based on live footage. And also, more penis.

Gmunk debunks motion-fx houses, claiming they don’t know shit about design. The discussion goes into the domain of pushing interactivity (live data, user input) into motion graphics.

Group 94 is now on stage with a behind-the-scenes of their web design work. They applied a panorama transition of Jeronimos Monastery to their Nokia project.
Non Stop Living
Devoid of yesterday premieres the event titles. Lots of fish. I’ll post it as soon as it’s available.

Sony Bravia advert

Fallon talking about the power of ideas.

Ideas are leaps of imagination … with commercial consequences.

Of course they showed Cadbury’s gorilla. Which is just a stunt by a production company (Glass and a half full) whose goal is to deliver joy.
Digital makes ideas more useful and involving.

Ok. we’re done. As the conference organizers just confirmed, see you next year at OFFF 2009 Lisbon !

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