Menu kicks some semantic ass !

My favorite Brazilian agency revamped their website with some (not) serious shit, on a fullscreen video where we’re all invited to teach and learn vocabulary. It’s like a speed course on swear words, that are collaboratively shared amongst the visitors. (entry) (works)

The thing gets really nasty, so get your camera ready and help Gringo to grow their vocabulary. If you understand Portuguese, they also have a blog, with some interesting behind-the-scenes stories. (blog)

They really get their audience, not being afraid to push the language, even on a semi-corporate website (they were probably expecting some nsfw uses of the video experience). And most important of all is their overall message: it’s ok to fail.

2 thoughts on “ kicks some semantic ass !

  1. Ironically, I think I say all this unintentionally when I travel. I probably need to learn how to speak correctly now. People may respond better. 🙂

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