I get a few emails presenting campaigns, projects or services. Most of them are lazy PR pitches (promptly deleted), but once in a while there’s some quality stuff, but yet they don’t get posted. Either i don’t have the time (sorry) or they don’t really relate to the core of this blog and their readers.

Catching up on several of those, here’s 2 recent inbox tips:

  • Add-Art

    The Add-Art Firefox add-on has been released, with a short demo video.

    Introduction to Add-Art from Steve Lambert on Vimeo.

    AddArt was a 2008 Rhizome Commission, creating an extension to replace online advertising with artworks. Like Ad-Block but with art images.

  • HUGO Say It

    A fragrance does express a bit about yourself, so Hugo is pulling another User-Generated Contest. Create a catchy phrase, a tag line, some remarkable slogan that expresses your opinion on the world, with the winning entry “sprayed” on a billboard in NYC.

    Hugo Say It

    Hurry up to, as the contest ends this June 19th.