A few months ago, one of the missions of ImproveEverywhere went viral, the now famous Frozen Grand Central. The stunt then had iterations around the world in several cities.

It was about time that Lisbon had such a prank, and with Rodrigo as the organizer, we managed to get 65 agents downtown Lisbon.
Rua Augusta is one of the busiest streets, with lots of tourists, and this last Saturday was particularly crowded with people getting ready to watch Portugal-Turkey for Euro 2008. All went well, with no police intrusion or harassment of the agents, but i’ll let the video (in portuguese) speak for itself:

Paradinha video on Youtube

I found myself freezing for 5 minutes, while carrying the book Groundswell. Oh, the irony.
If you want to to be on the next mission, join us at our Ning group..


The full story, in Portuguese, here.

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  1. Unfortunately we didn’t get any image of your freezed move. But I heard about it. Just didn’t know the title. Very good.

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