UM: International Festival for Experimental and Mixed Media

New media festivals are usually promising, with lots of great performances and exhibitions, and yet, they do a lousy job of promoting themselves on the web. That’s what probably happened to UM, the International Festival for Experimental and Mixed Media, taking place in Lisbon, that has almost no reference in Google. Come on, is it that hard to announce the event on or Rhizome ?

Of course i’m not happy about as the even occurs while i’m out. AdobeAS3Tour with Colin Moock is taking place next Monday, and no way i’ll miss a weekend break in Milan for a badly announced event. For those interested, here’s a small selection:

2008 Programme

Lisbon, 19 – 22 June 2008



  • Andy Moor, NL

  • A Cable Plays, Chris Surgue, US and Damian Stewart, NZ/PT

  • N.I.P. collective, UK/NL/PT

  • BOP, UK

  • Goodiepal, FO/UK

  • Rudolfo Quintas, PT

  • Turntable Reconstructions, DJ Sniff, US/NL

  • TokTek, NL


  • Wearin’ it – DIY wearable workshop, André Gonçalves, PT

  • Wii Undressed, Frank Balde/STEIM, NL

  • Build your own electronic noise machine, Tom Bugs, UK

  • Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra, Goodiepal, (FO/UK)


Any reader suggestions for this weekend in Milan are welcome.

3 thoughts on “UM: International Festival for Experimental and Mixed Media

  1. Tive oportunidade de ir lá ontem dar um saltinho. Devo dizer que fiquei espantado com as “Exhibitions” que lá estavam, é a primeira vez que começo a ver realmente a verdadeira conjugação entre tecnologia e arte. No entanto vê-se que são coisas simples e que podiam estar muito melhor desenvolvidas e completas, oius ainda se tão a começar a dar os primeiros passos nesta área. Obrigado pelo teu post acerca deste evento senão de nenhuma maneira nunca o ia ver.

  2. Pity this is happening now already as I would have liked to have spoken at the event (am planning on being in PT later this year).

    You’re right though; conference organisers often put up events with little knowledge in the preparation thereof, far beyond offline activation. And, more often than not, they have the wrong people attending them too!

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