Today is my birthday.

But a different one, since i decided to have no celebration, birthday candles or the usual drinks. However, you will have the chance to offer a unique gift.

Not for me, but rather to Missão Muxima, a charity group empowering children and educators at the Arnaldo Janssen’s Child Foster Center in Luanda, Angola.

My sister is one of the founders, and they need all the help we can get, so this year’s birthday don’t spend your money on gifts but rather

( Paypal to

Your gift will provide better life care to the children, and allow Missão Muxima to carry on with the previous work.

With your help, this will be one of my most special birthdays. And to the children also.

Thank you

One thought on “Happy Birthday to MM

  1. Missão Muxima and me are very grateful with all the donations so far.

    Any small amount does make a great difference to help the Center.

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