Absolut BeKanye

Kanye West seems to be haunting me these days, as i finish listening the Lil Wayne album (produced by him) and now this: Be Kanye.


The video was around a few days ago (love the tablet power), on the best infomercial tradition, with the website pushing the corny aesthetics to the limits.

Now i get the video reference to “any time is Kanye time in a absolut world”. The cheesy graphics and flashy rollovers, introduce us to the countdown of what seems a new product launch by Absolut. Of course i’m gettting a few bottles of vodka, and become a totally different person. Like a drunk one.

If you’re a juvenile groupie, with no self esteem and let yourself be amazed by celebrities and their endorsements, this might just work. If not, what a bad move by Absolut and Kanye, pretending that vodka might turn you into a famous person. Or Lindsay Lohan.