10 Web Design Galleries you should know about

For those times you need a visual brainstorm:

  • The FWA

    (Favourite Website Awards)

    Awarding sites since 2000, it’s probably the most famous web design gallery of them all. Created by Rob Ford, it features the ribbon-famous SOTD (Site of the Day), Site of the Month, People’s Choice Award and the most coveted Site Of The Year. It is now a full feature web publication, with interviews, articles and even a video channel at FWATheater.

  • CSS Mania

    CSS Mania
    Probably the biggest CSS web gallery, with over 11000 entries. Tip: if you’re looking for references on a particular industry, just browse the topics.

  • DarkEye

  • Dark Eye
    With impressive metadata features, we can search at Dark-i by color or keyword. If you’re a web designer, you’re encouraged to create a gallery and promote your work.

  • NetDiver

    More a webzine than a gallery, but covering trend categories such as Flashware, Imaginative or Powagirrrls.

  • StyleGala

    It used to have the best selection of all CSS galleries, but now it’s rarely updated. Nonetheless, you can find there all the CSS classics, from Jason SantaMaria to Marius Roosendal.

  • Best Web Gallery

    Best Web Gallery
    Maybe not the best, but it sure is one of the most crafted ones, with a quite useful thumbnail preview on each selected website, and comments on each entry.

  • Design Charts

    Design Charts
    Not truly a gallery, and not always about webdesign, but always with the hottest new work

  • Webcreme

    Web Creme
    Covering both CSS and Flash web design, it’s one of my favourites, thanks to the the clean layout and RSS with thumbnails.

  • Straightline

    The new kid on the block, from Japan

  • Daily Slurp

    The companion gallery to Design Meltdown, a blog discussing themes and trends on webdesign. Both websites are managed by Patrick McNeil that has just published his new book, The Web Designer’s Idea Book.

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