This week’s selected website, BoomStudios, is also a bit of Shameless PromoTion to Coimbra‘s design studio Bürocratik, whose work I’ve been following on their blog and website (don’t miss their design portfolio).

Boomstudios is a music recording studio owned by Pedro Abrunhosa, one of Portugal’s most famous singers and composers. The panorama experience is powered by a custom virtual reality engine Buro360, and while it’s only a glimpse of the full site, it’s already quite remarkable. With such great music and photography, i’m placing my bets on a soon to be FWA award.

Great job, “malta” (that’s “folks” in portuguese).

* P.S.: Hope to see you guys at Barcamp this weekend.

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  1. sabes o que mais me alegra? o facto de ver empresas destas fora de Lisboa. a sério. é a segunda boa surpresa que tenho nos últimos tempos.e eu vivo e trabalho em Lisboa.

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