The Web and TV, a sibling rivalry

The video of the week goes to a recent TED talk by Peter Hirshberg, discussing “how the computer ambushed television”.

Peter Hirshberg is now on the advisory board of Technorati and authors a weblog on disruptive culture and technology, having worked for Apple, Microsoft, AOL and NBC. His talk is a a great overview on the evolution of media and the new role of the web.

Some appetizer quotes:

(…) the tech world is best understood not as a business cycle, but as a messianic movement. We promise something great, we evangelize it, we’re going to change the world, it doesn’t work out too well and so we actually go back to the wall and start all over again, as the people in New York and LA look on in absolute morbid astonishment, but it’s this irrational view of the world that drive us on

(..) when we emerged from this into what we called Web 2.0, things actually are quite different
and i think it’s the reason that TV is so challenged. If Internet 1 was about pages, now is about people. It’s a customer, it’s an audience, it’s a person who’s participating, it’s the formidable thing that is changing entertainment now.

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