Lapin Illustrations

Digital creativity isn’t always about the computer. The return of the Moleskine gave hand drawn communication a new home, with the web embracing this analog form of expression, from Google Chrome cartoons to SXSW SketchNotes.

One of my favorite evangelists of this new communion of web and drawing is Kevin Cornell. Besides his work for A List Apart, he has also some great sketchbooks. It’s not often you get to see these kind of works on the web, so it was nice to discover Lapin, a French art director with works for Heineken, Vueling and several magazines.

His impressive city sketchbooks, beautiful pencil and watercolor illustrations, are an unordinary departure from the usual holiday photo album.

Go check this week’s selected website: Les illustrations de lapin

If you’re interested in visual note taking, i recommend Drawing on the right side of the brain or Rapid Viz. Other books i haven’t read but also highly recommended are Understanding Comics or the more recent Back of The Napkin