UPDATE (24/10/08): Paulo reports (in portuguese) that Renova has contacted Todd from ImprovEverywhere and apologized for the misappropriation.

The cat is out of the bag, now. After posting a comment and emailing Renova, the napkin and toilet paper company, and not getting any answer, it’s time to take a stand and share Agent Todd’s frustration.

As some of you know, i’m involved at the Urban Prankster group here in Portugal. Our missions are inspired by the collective Improv Everywhere, which you might know from the famous “Frozen Grand Central” viral video.
Some of the missions are pretty original, whilst others are inspired by advertising. What i wasn’t expecting was to find a blatant copycat done by Renova, with no attribution whatsoever.

The ripoff:

The original:

Renova produced this guerrilla marketing stunt, based on the original Food Court Musical, and didn’t bother to credit the music authors or idea creators on their video. Hey, they didn’t even bother to change the lyrics. At Renova’s corporate blog, they’ve already set the video to private (wonder why), but i’m posting it above, along with the original idea. Just because i care.

Will someone get Renova a napkin to clean this mess, please ?

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  1. Armando, já publiquei as imagens do plágio no Expresso. “Musical dos guardanapos: Renova plagia filme americano”. Em

    O sistema editorial do Expresso não faz trackbacks, é para te avisar que este teu post está lá linkado.

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