Last Monday i finally bought a Nikon D90, after a 3 year hiatus and a stolen D70. I’m still getting the the hang of it, and one of the most frequent questions asked is about the movie mode. The usual pundits have taken their side, but as i’m not a big fan of technical jargon, let’s stick with the visuals, with a test between the Nikon D90 (digital SLR) and Panasonic HVX200 (camcorder).

D90 and HVX side-by-side test from Chronicle Project on Vimeo.

Now it’s becoming even clearer why Flickr decided to support video.

More D90 video goodies, found at Colmeia, after the jump.

The Pumpkin Patch from Jason Zada on Vimeo.

What did you do Saturday? from Jason Zada on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “I’m a D90

  1. @Ricardo: shopped it at Fnac. I need to experience the camera phisically. Besides, it was the same price and it’s easier on customer support.

    @Maria Joao: I’ve tried the Lumix at Corte Ingles and found it a bit bulky for a compact camera. But the lens seemed promising. but with a 420+ price tag it makes you wonder if it’s really worth it. If you already have a DSLR, and are looking for a compact camera, then go for it. It’s compact but has most of the advanced settings you’re used to in a prosumer.

  2. I’ll have to go to Fnac and try it myself. I have a DSLR (Canon 300D) that serves my archaeological (professional) needs quite well. But not much else since it is a pain to carry around.

    Yesterday night I was chit chatting with David Rodrigues about cameras and today he pointed me a nice Lumix LX3 review: (and then follow the below link to a more extensive review)

    Still, I’m not thinking about buying it right away… maybe by the first trimester of 2009 and then I’ll check what else is out there.

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