The gap between real and virtual has been narrowing the past few years, with hardlinking technologies like QRcodes and RFID connecting objects to the network. Another common strategy is to emulate the physical world, using a web cam and processing the data input to create augmented experiences.

One of the best examples of this reality bridge is the latest Virtual Mirror by Ray-Ban.

On the website, access to the Virtual Mirror section, and download the application powered by FittingBox, and have virtual eye wear room, were you can try the glasses that fit you best.

The 3d technology brings the retail experience to your desktop and, as Igor notices, it’s too bad that no e-commerce functionality was integrated on the application. Nonetheless, it’s a great showcase of the technology. Now that we’ve managed to get hearing and sight, there’s 3 more to go: taste , touch, and smell. Interesting times we live in.

Source: ViralBlog

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