As if it wasn’t enough that CP+B grabbed Brooke Shields for their VW Routan Campaign, they partnered with Oddcast to create RoutanBabyMaker.

On this genetic online mashup, with careful attention to interactive details (loved the buttons), the user is invited to upload mom and dad’s photos to envision how their baby would be.

A simple but great use of this technology, and spot on at the van’s target audience. That’s how interactive briefs should be interpreted – ask not what can technology can do for your campaign, but what the campaign can do for technology.

Source: FWA

3 thoughts on “Baby Routan

  1. I don’t understand why all the sites you choose are flash sites. There are great sites out there that aren’t flash based. What’s your point? Do you work for adobe?

  2. Usually i select web projects that are inherently narrative, pushing interaction and storytelling to newer levels. As much as i appreciate web standarts, there aren’t many examples of a immersive web experience on a non-flash website.
    And no, I don’t work for Adobe 🙂 . But being a Flash Developer for almost 10 years, and having reached a lot of the community, it’s easier to find out fresh new sites in Flash.
    With so many web design galleries out there doing a great job showcasing the web design world, i wouldn’t add any value to the conversation.
    Although this is not a web design blog, in the future i’ll try to find some gems to post here. Thanks for noticing, Anselmo.

  3. The flash sites you post in your great blog are amazing examples of what can be accomplished with this powerful technology. I was not complaining about the sites themselves, just wondering why only flash. Now I understand. Keep it up with the good work, Armando.

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