Get ready for Age Of Conversation 2

This October 29th, the new book Age Of Conversation 2 is released, a unique collaboration with bloggers from 29 US States and from 14 other nations from Australia to the Ukraine.

Book cover by David Armano

I am fortunate of being part of this conversation as a co-author, doing my best to promote this initiative (expect a podcast next week), as proceeds of the book, available in hardcover, softcover an a downloadable e-book, will be donated to Variety, the international children’s charity.

Each author contributed with one essay, with mine entitled “A new brand of creative: Things fall apart”. To know more about AOC2, you can check out the site at The Age Of Conversation.

If you appreciate my writings or any of the other authors, you can buy AOC2 at

2 thoughts on “Get ready for Age Of Conversation 2

  1. Hey Armando … thanks for promoting the book. FYI I had a great conversation with someone today about your chapter. They were very inspired 😉

  2. Hi, Gavin.

    The book is a must have for any CMO. Lots of great insights and i’m honored to have my modest contribution a topic for discussion.

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