This has been a delicious interactive week, with the discovery of 2 great interactive experiences, both sponsored by chocolate brands.

Ogilvy Athens launched an interactive love story for Lacta chocolate (Kraft), entitled “Love at first site” at

A 17 minutes interactive film shot this summer, with users invited to play the role of Peter and Joanna, on their summer love story in Paros, and help them get together for a big finale. The campaign was also run on television, radio, cinemas and on all Lacta packages.

And today there was FWA’s site of the day for Sweddish chocolate Premyum, a Papervision delicacy.

Unfortunately, as usual with Papervision powered websites, the whole thing is heavy on the CPU. And the fact that i don’t understand a word of Swedish didn’t help either. But we’ll always have chocolate. I’ll give thanks for that.