No, this blog is not turning into a personal teenager diary. I’m just sharing Love For All, the latest work by FarFar for BjornBjorg, that i’ve found out via Brainstorm9.

I knew about the commercial before, but somehow i’ve missed the campaign site, where, after a few questions, i got myself involved with Martje, as you can see at this video.

The work has the usual outstanding production values (film, sound and art direction) and even a cheesy soundtrack selection. Although the photo customization could be more fine tuned (i’m a big fan of oddcast) it does a good job of showcasing the product while keeping the experience entertaining. If dating sites were this fun, i could even stop hating them.

Now, let me go buy some new underwear just in case Martje answers me back.

P.S. It really annoys me how digital agencies never pay attention to the embeddable video players. The shareable player provided was way too large and had no playback controls. If it’s supposed to go viral, how come they don’t make it easy?