Coraline, the biggest smallest movie ever made

A giant set
on a tiny scale.
Thousands of hands
made by hand.
A forest of cherry blossoms
made of popcorn?
A crowd of scottie dogs
to fill an entire theatre.
A drawer full of faces
for just one piece of dialogue.
Fake hair
that thinks it’s real.
5 miles of gold hair thread
for a 5-inch wig?
3500 flowers
that all light up.

This is Coraline, the first handmade film shot in 3d, the film that I’d love to see on screen this Christmas. Sadly, it will only premiere next February. A Laika production, with Henry Selick directing (of Nightmare Before Christmas), the film is based on Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling book.

Before you head on to the website you’ll need these passwords to access the different videos:


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