The true story of Father Christmas

Rare Exports Inc, from the land of the original Father Christmas

A long, long time ago Father Christmases roamed free in Lapland. At some point in time, native people found out that these creatures could be caught, and trained to become well-mannered servants. In 1793, a group of native Laplanders set up a small company to export extremely rare Original Finnish Father Christmas ® all over the World. Today, Rare Exports Inc. is one of
the most successful companies in Finland trading with nearly 150 countries.

Rare Exports Inc, directed by Jalmari Helander and produced by Woodpecker Film ( shows the process of transforming a wild Father Christmas into a finished product, all the way from tracking and hunting in the wilderness, to the intensive training period and finishing touches made to the ready-to-be-shipped item.

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