Menu, a web design advent calendar

During this month, some of the most established names in web design and development have been publishing a daily article at, keeping the tradition of previous years.


From Jeffrey Zeldman to Drew McLellan (not to be mistaken with Drew from Marketing Minute), the 24 articles are one of the best web design resources created this year, with solid tips from beginner to advanced for web professionals or just to impress your friends.

Highlights to the articles by Jason Santa Maria on Making Modular Layouts and a art direction beginner class by Mark Boulton. A production, it was edited by Drew McLellan and Brian Suda, with design by Made by Elephant.

2 thoughts on “, a web design advent calendar

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  2. My fav advent calendar. I’ve been following it since they first did it and every year it comes filled with nifty tricks and tips.

    Definitely a winner and something I look forward to every year.


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