Shameless PromoTion: Rua de Baixo V2

After a few months absent, my favorite Portuguese online magazine has returned. Rua de Baixo launched today their second version, a truly 2.0 release, as the site is being powered by WordPress and it’s still in beta.

Rua de Baixo V2 (home)

Started in 2003, it achieved a recognition as one of the main online references of portuguese urban culture, publishing the latest news, events and featuring a wide range of artists and projects. The quality of their online publishing efforts is testified by their faithful readers and newsletter subscribers and more than 40 contributing writers.

Rua de Baixo V2 Launch Teaser on Youtube
The team/collective did a great job on the new version, with new features and a more acessible website (the old one was a frame nightmare). Congratulations, David Carvalho, Hugo Pinheiro, Mário João Camolas and Pedro Marques and to the tech team at Spirituc.


The relaunch edition goes by the theme of DIY, a look on the Do It Yourself spirit of 7 portuguese artists: Joana Bastos (Art); António Aleixo (Cinema); Photonz (Production/DJ); Paulo Almeida (Fashion); Noiserv (Music); Rui Vieira (Design) and Cristina Miguel (Fashion).

On the regular sections, you can fin the usual great news coverage of music, with a a new X-Wife video (canIHaz embedded video player, plz ?), the always surprising cult findings, and an interview with the director of with my latest tv series addiction, made in Portugal, Um Mundo Catita.

Even if you don’t understand a word of Portuguese, have a look and bookmark it as one of the main online references on portuguese urban culture.

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  1. muito bom o design, excelente conteúdo… but no feeds… how does that fit my digital daily read?

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