The Evolution of Twitter Power 150

Many thanks for all the (unexpected) interest on Twitter Power 150. The response was way beyond my initial expectations, with many users finding it a great resource to start following Twitter users who write about marketing and advertising.

With over 60 comments and hundreds of ReTweets, it grew to a meme dimension. Unfortunatelly i really didn’t saw all that coming, and having planned a whole weeked in the mountains, totally unplugged, surprise hit me when i checked my mail and stats this morning.


For now, i’ve hosted the domain with a static version of the original post, but as suggested by Marc And Joseph Jaffe, i’m thinking already on a live version with real time updates. If any Twitter ranking services are interested in supplying the rank, please contact me (or i’ll figure out the algorithm myself).

The folks at CleverCogs also kindly registered the Twitter profile @Power150 (convenient, as i was offline). Marjolein migrated today the account to me, so you can also check what Power150 is doing, with possible integrations with the Twitter API on Which brings me to the most important part of this post:

What are your ideas for the future of Twitter Power 150? What are the requested features? Would you change anything?

From a Twitter Auto Pack (group follow all the featured users) to an RSS feed with the latest tweets, the ball is on your side, with a chance to choose what will be the next release of Twitter Power 150.

P.S.: Thanks for all those who followed me @armandoalves. On the updated ranking (offline) i jumped to #101.

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