Detective Stripes is a hot-site announced this week by Grupo W for Rexona. The interactive plot revolves around a Shaft-like detective whose deodorant leaves no stripes on his impeccable black turtleneck.


Dani Granatta told me last year he was working on a super secret big project, and i was quite curious to find out about it (altough i suspected it would be for Rexona, based on the teasers).


The result is linear storytelling experience, with high quality production work. I always loved when digital agencies gives a behind the scenes look on their work, and Grupo W posted the whole making-of, turning the project a lot more interesting. If you don’t have the time to read the whole thing, let me shorten that for you:

  • Real life, photographed storyboard plates
  • 10 days of intense shooting on Mexico city, teaming with Distrito Films
  • A “TakaTakaTan” beat along with an original song for the website soundtrack
  • Lots of green screen shooting, superimposed later on 3D
  • Huge doses of color correction and post production art-direction
  • Amongst other goodies, a Detective Stripes papertoy !

More pictures on Flickr.

Congratulations, Dani & W team!

One thought on “Detective Stripes

  1. I feel sorry for Rexona on spending so much money in an advertisement site that nobody sees. Don’t get me wrong the “site” is nice and funny, but it takes to long to load and the average joe that buys deodorants will close his browser window in a matter of seconds. That’s for sure.

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