Following yesterday’s news, i’m sharing a collaboration between blog network Prt.Sc and OFFF, that are inviting all portuguese bloggers to OFFF Screen Challenge and win a chance to be at this renowned festival of post-digital culture, taking place in Lisbon, from 7th to 9th May 2009.

*Disclaimer: As an executive member of, I’ll be judging the entries. That leaves all other portuguese bloggers more chances to win the 3day ticket and show your project at the venue.

The Challenge

OFFF and are showcasing the best of portuguese digital culture: from the garage hack to your web project, OFFF Screen is giving the chance for those using social media to showcase their projects to a wider and interested audience.

The submitted projects are preferably within the broader Catalogue theme “THIS ISN’T FLYING, THIS IS FALLING WITH STYLE · FAIL GRACEFULLY @ OFFF”.  Unleash your creativity, don’t be afraid to fail.

How to apply

Each application must be submitted by a member of  the project that has been writing for a blog at least since December 2008.

Each blog must write at least 3 posts until the 1st of May, related to the project or OFFF Festival, and tagged with  offf and On this date, judges by the OFFF and team will select the 3 best projects. These will be awarded with a 3 day ticket and the chance to present the project on the venue.

Submissions should be sent to, with project description, name and contacts, and a permalink to the post announcing the challenge entry.

All posts related to the challenge will be agregated at For further info, contact

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  1. Dear Madam, dear Sir,

    I'm the editor of magazine called connections whoih is aimed for our colleagues as well as clients. world-wide. In the next issue we focus on finance/numbers. I always try to add interesting articles about art and came across "painting by numbers". I just love Erik Natzkes art and I was wodnerign if we may use the picture that you used for his work shop done in 2007 at OFFF. Of course we woudl give credit to OFFF and Mr Natzke.

    Many thanks for your kind reply and sendign you sunny regards from Singapore,


    PS Maybe you like to have a look at our website:

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