User Generated Outdoor by TMN

Less than a 5 minutes walk from were i live, stands a 75 meters wide outdoor, that a few weeks ago had only written a strange URL: (translated as


Once you got to the website you could upload your photo and had a chance to be featured on this huge outdoor, as one of the 68 face drawings on the final illustration.


UGO (english version) from FullSix on Vimeo.

The integrated campaign, developed by Fullsix Portugal for mobile carrier TMN is a great example how the boundaries between online and offline life are disappearing, extending our presence not only on multiple platforms but now also AFK (away from keyboard). The User Generated Content went offline to online and back again, with the outdoor sharing the iterative nature of digital communication.

One thought on “User Generated Outdoor by TMN

  1. It’s an excelent idea. I passed that outdoor the other day and was wondering about it because I heard 2 girls saying they where in it.

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