Having read Flow recently and watching Stuart Brown at TED, it’s no wonder my recent focus on interactive experiences that involve play, and how digital communication uses gaming metaphors. And even if my PC/videogame marathons are now long gone, i try to stay alert for new stuff that uses the web as gaming platform, stumbling upon great stuff like


The web based MMO playing game, created by The Secret Location and the playful folks at Phantom Compass, is based on Vision’s TV documentary “Iprophesy” , extending the show to the web, with players creating customizable 3D characters, that can talk with other players, and travel between 13 different environments, each reflecting an episode from the TV show on Vision TV.



It’s the next evolution of online forums, with posts available as external RSS feeds, with collaboration and chat amongst players. By exploring the multiple worlds and answering challenges, each player earns point with winners awarded on the TV show. With TV feeling the pressure from online media, it goes with the saying: “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

It’s nonetheless remarkable how long have we progressed these past few years, with the rise of broadband and better browsers allowing experiences that were once reserved to desktop or console games.

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