Links roundup: the Easter edition

Lots of stuff going on lately, and didn’t had the time to process all the inspirations, so here’s some recent highlights to digest during this Easter break.

Multitouch and Experience

An extensive multitouch applications roundup by PointAndDo. And of course, Bumptop has launched.


Cynergy Systems shakes your brain with the Emotiv headset. Another cool tool is OpenFrameworks (video below), a C++ library for creative coding.

With regards to Experience (and interaction design), there’s plenty recent material where to choose from. Start with the IA Summit and JJG‘s plenary (avilable at BoxesAndArrows) and end with Dan Saffer’s Attention Awareness for Interaction Designers

New Launches

Odopod launched a new site for Nestea: Liquid Awesomeness.

And the guys i saw in NY presenting their freshly created agency have come a long way and have a new website: Your Majesty.


W+K London launches a seasonal Easter egg hunt using PhotoSynth.

Your mom (again)

The “Your Mom” thinking has been picking up steam. From TechCrunch to Chris Messina, lots of places discussing this emerging need to enable portable profiles and filters.

And to end, here’s something your mom would find really useful on Twitter: BakerTweet, a way for busy bakers to tell the world that something hot and fresh has just come out of the oven.

Happy Easter.