While browsing the One Show finalists yesterday, i came upon one Portuguese nominee that further explores the bridge between offline and online: Museu Efémero (Epheral Musuem).


The online museum, sponsored by Pampero Fundación (a rum brand) and created by Leo Burnett Portugal, curates ephemeral art spread across one of the most iconic Lisbon districts, Bairro Alto. From street graffiti to installations, the changing nature of daily art is preserved online, where you download the map with the locations along with the supporting podcast. Then head to the uphill streets of Lisbon with your mp3 player and get an inside perspective about the works and artists.


(Watch the video case below)

Being Bairro Alto famously know for their bohemian nights, it’s a great way for the brand to create awareness (they’ve just entered the market) among the hip trendsetters on a non-intrusive and creative way. The Epheral Museum is now covering other places in Lisbon and is expected to expand to other cities in the world.

You can also follow the project @museuefemero and Facebook.