Augmented Marketing: 10 ideas beyond reality

2009 has been abuzz with Augmented Reality, and what was once novelty is now on the verge of becoming a fad, a “Me Too” marketing strategy. As i still think there’s a lot of bright people researching new ways of interaction, here’s a short selection of videos collected in the last few months, featuring the best augmented reality examples used for marketing purposes.


    One of the first AR examples used in advertising, by Mini.

  2. GE Smartgrid

    Papervision meets FLARToolKit for a digital hologram of GE’s Smart Grid technology. Developed by North Kingdom.

  3. Wear Your World

    The Fluid Interfaces group from MIT showcased their work on a recent TED Talk, with Pattie Maes demoing the sixth sense, a step towards the ubiquitous computing vision of Mark Weiser.

  4. Topps 3-D Live cards

    One of the quickest ways for AR reaching a mainstream audience is definitely sports. With Topps 3-D Live cards by T-Immersion, you can bring life to players, with the help of a webcam.

  5. Wikitude AR

    The iPhone might get all the buzz, but one of the promising AR integrations is on Google’s Android, with Wikitude, a mobile travel guide based on location-based Wikipedia and Qype content.

  6. Augmented Reality Geocaching

    Ok, this is really just a concept, but as an occasional GeoCacher, i really loved this idea. Oh the possibilities for augmented ARGs (see also Map Tracking and MARQ).

  7. Dynamic Wine Labels

    Dynamic Wine Labels. An innovation, a company co-founded by Twinelis buddy Andre Ribeirinho. Wine information on the go, using QR codes with AVIN (think ISBN for wines).

  8. Augmented Reality Tamagotchi Maid

    A virtual toy, with their 64 page instructional manual, with all the Japanese idiosyncrasy, developed by Geisha Tokyo Entertainment.

  9. Sekai Camera

    Mainly a mobile technology, but with a promising marketing future, the Sekai Camera is a system for using online data to navigate the real-world, featured on the latest Techcrunch 50TechCrunch 50.

  10. Augmented Magic

    Augmented Reality Magic 1.0 from Marco Tempest on Vimeo.
    You didn’t think I’d forgot the coolest video of them all, where Zach Lieberman and Theo Watson mix technology with magic, didn’t you?

While this kid of experiences has all the eye-candy, the real trend that interests me is “The Internet Of Things”, with technologies like Arduino or companies like TikiTag and Violet.

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